A little about Cat Love

By Amy Shojai

People who love cats know they love us back. When I walk in the door, Seren runs meowing to greet me and twines around my ankles until I “make” her a lap. When she gets what she’s after, she shows how she feels with her purrs. Because cats reserve meows for their humans, and purr to show they mean no threat, I understand the cat language for love. (more…)

Be Pet Prepared in an Emergency by Amy Robinson

Wild weather and catastrophic disasters seem to be the new normal, often bringing with them such force and destruction that they’ve prompted a new word to enter our vocabularies: Superstorm. A potentially deadly natural disaster is a real threat for every region of the country. 
Images of people rescued in boats or by helicopter in treacherous conditions while trying to hang onto a beloved dog or precious cat tug at our hearts, and underscore the need for some serious pre-planning. Having a Pet Evacuation Kit already prepared can save lives when fleeing a storm’s vicious wrath. (more…)

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