LIVING FOR A CAUSE (LFAC) is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit and was founded in 2009 to create a place where people can participate in philanthropic projects through volunteering and donations with the support of passionate professionals—with over six decades of experience starting, managing, and helping to grow many non-profit organizations.

LIVING FOR A CAUSE (LFAC) believes that we are all responsible for creating positive change wherever and whenever possible. People all over the world die each day for causes they believe in; we are living each day for the causes we believe in.

We support a broad range of causes and programs to improve the everyday lives of people, pets and the planet that are relevant and important to YOU.

Through this collaborative model and our diverse abilities and talents in strategic planning, fundraising, project management, communications & marketing, public relations and advocacy, we transparently bring your charitable interests to life.

Through donor contributions, grants, sponsors, and fund-raising alliances with several for-profit ventures, LFAC creates streams of revenue which are transparently channeled to charitable groups in the form of tangible items for various programs.

Some of our current programs are helping organizations like: Marty’s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary, Tabby’s Place Cat Sanctuary, Dreamweaver’s Equine Center, South Jersey Horse Rescue, and Bentley Community Services Food Pantry. We have granted/donated tower gardens and gardening programs to reduce food insecurities in schools, senior communities and through the HUB in Weston, Vermont through the Everyone Eats Program. (thehubatweston.com) LFAC has also hosted art programs and donated art supplies to various schools for their art programs under the Elaine Raphael Art Fund and Elaine’s Artclub.  LFAC Animal Welfare Programs are helping to reduce the number of pets being surrendered to shelters by providing pet food directly to the homes of families who are experiencing financial insecurities and through food pantries.

LFAC pledges to carefully manage all funds entrusted to it by the donor community.  It cultivates an efficient, transparent and accountable culture within its own administrative body and seeks the same in the charities it benefits.  Therefore, it supports only organizations that demonstrate an efficient model of social responsibility so we can see progress through tangible results— what matters to you, matters to us.

We transform your passion into action—because working together we can accomplish so much more.