LIVING FOR A CAUSE was founded in 2009 with the belief that humankind, as stewards of planet earth, are responsible for creating positive change wherever and whenever possible. People all over the world, die each day for causes they believe in, we are living each day for the causes we believe in.

Have you ever wanted to make a difference or leave a legacy?  Come realize your passion with us!

We are a team of passionate professionals with over six decades of experience starting, managing, and helping to grow many non-profit organizations. We start with YOU and help you pay it forward, give back and make things happen. We transform your passion into action, because working together we can accomplish so much more.

We support a broad range of causes and programs to improve the everyday lives of people, pets, and the planet we share.  Through this collaborative model and our diverse family of programs, we can coordinate our pool of resources to ensure the most efficient use of funds with transparency and accountability.  Through this joint adventure, we have the resources to meet one small need at a time to make a bigger change.

We harness your passion, putting your purpose into action, so we can see progress through tangible results –because what matters to you, matters to us.