Whether we are growing vegetables or flowers, gardening connects us to nature and provides a multitude of benefits. Lou’s Growing Green helps promote gardening in schools and senior living centers and benefits communities-at-large. Our program is named in honor of our dear friend and master gardener extraordinaire Lou Stiglitz. Read more

We support animals through a number of programs.  We help provide food through our Pet Food Pantry Fund so beloved pets can stay with their loving families..  We also support fire stations by providing oxygen masks for pets injured in fires. Read more

The fund fosters the talents of children eager to find a guiding hand to help them express their creativity and provides art education programs such as camps, in-school workshops and student mentoring by professional artists.

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Mercer County Wildlife Center

I stopped by Mercer County Wildlife Center to drop off a pet oxygen mask that they were so happy to receive. Here is one of the staff accepting the pet oxygen mask.

Tabby’s Place Visit

I visited Tabby’s Place a sanctuary for cats with special needs and senior cats.   LFAC is happy to support this organization and the good work they do.