Our Board of Directors

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Annie Aft Board of Directors and Development/Treasurer

Annie cares deeply about supporting various charities through event planning and fundraising. She has served as Event Producer, Vintage Hollywood supporting GO Campaign where she has improved the lives of orphans and vulnerable children around the world, one child at a time. She has also served as the
Marketing and Events Manager for The Hub at Weston Vermont.

Annie has served as an Advisory Board Member Children’s Action Network (CAN). This organization uses the power of the entertainment community to increase awareness about children’s issues and make them a top priority in everyday life. CAN is dedicated to raising awareness about and finding homes for the more than 100,000 children in foster care in the United States who are waiting for an adoptive family and improving outcomes for the more than 400,000 children in foster care.

Annie is enthusiastic about Share the Beat; Annie created this event while working with Jamie Redford to benefit transplant awareness.

The photo above is courtesy of Getty Images : Annie Aft and Robert Redford during “Share the Beat” at Sundance Resort in Sundance, Utah.

Marisa Bolognese M.A. Board Chair/Co-Founder

With over 25 years of experience in both the corporate and non-profit sector, Marisa is versed in all aspects of marketing and business management. She currently is President of Impact Now Consulting, LLC providing development and strategic planning expertise to non-profits. Marisa is also the Manager of The Hub at Weston, Vermont. Marisa developed the Everyone Eats program at the Hub. After graduating from Columbia University with a graduate degree in Anthropology she started her corporate career on Madison Avenue working for an award-winning ad agency, Lord, Geller, Federico & Einstein. Her clients included Citibank, Reynolds Plastic Wrap, Contel and Bass Shoes. She eventually founded her own full-service agency, Bolognese & Partners. In the 1990′s she left the big city for Vermont and put her marketing savvy to use. As President of MJM Consulting, Marisa provided marketing and organizational expertise to community-based organizations. Marisa was also the Executive Director of Springfield Area Hospice and Twin States Network, both healthcare-focused organizations and was Deputy Executive Director for The Life Raft Group.

Laura Occhiuzzi Board President

Laura is a distinguished manager in the realms of healthcare, advocacy, and nonprofit organizations. Possessing a unique blend of strategic insight, operational excellence, and a deep passion for social change, she has consistently driven initiatives that have transformed lives and communities.

With over 40 years of experience, Laura has held influential leadership positions across various healthcare and nonprofit entities. Her exceptional ability to navigate the complex landscape of healthcare policies, patient care, and community needs has resulted in the successful implementation of numerous innovative programs. She has played an instrumental role in fostering collaboration between healthcare institutions, government agencies, and community stakeholders, ultimately enhancing the quality of care and services delivered.

In the nonprofit sector, Laura has demonstrated exceptional acumen in organizational management, fundraising, and program development. She has overseen the successful execution of initiatives that have catalyzed change and uplifted countless lives. Her ability to inspire teams, foster a culture of innovation, and cultivate strategic partnerships has been instrumental in the growth and sustainability of numerous nonprofit endeavors.

A dynamic and compassionate leader, Laura is dedicated to advancing the welfare of individuals and communities. Laura holds a master’s degree in public administration from Kean University.

She loves to cook, golf, travel, read and spend time with her husband Jerry and daughter Alyssa as well as her dog Coco!

Laura Quinn Board Secretary and Co-Founder

Laura Quinn is a seasoned communications and marketing professional with over 35

years of experience in public relations, branding/messaging, community affairs, and cause-related marketing. Laura has managed philanthropic projects through her own free-lance consulting business, is a published writer, and has served as a director of Communications and Public Relations for several National and local organizations including: The American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, and a premier Education Association in New Jersey—NJPSA.

With a BA in Communications and Marketing, Laura has served on a great number of committees and Boards—and continues to volunteer to create impact for worthwhile organizations. She co-founded the Living for a Cause Organization in 2009, and is currently employed with Kessler Rehabilitation as a Business Development Manager.

Colm Rown Board Memeber/ Co-Founder Living For a Cause

Colm Rowan has over thirty years’ experience in the world of international art, having owned and operated galleries in both the United States and the British Isles. He exhibits works by established and emerging masters and advises clients about art acquisition and the sale of private collections. Colm is a founding member of Living for a Cause and is attributed with giving the charity its name. He advocates for animal welfare causes, the environment, and the underserved. 

Mary Stabile Board Vice President/Co-Founder

Mary is passionate about helping people, animals, and our planet, making Living for a Cause an important part of her life’s purpose. She has served as State Policy Liaison, on National Patient Advocate Foundation’s President’s Council, and serves on the NPAF Advisory Committee. Mary has attended several Patient Advocate training courses and received the Excellence in Leadership award in 2015. Mary spends much of her days guiding people to the support or resources they need—whether it’s sharing information about Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) with her dear friends or making sure limited-resourced families with pets have access to pet food.  Mary has served on the board of directors of the Mid Atlantic for the American Lung Association and currently serves on the New Jersey American Lung Association’s Leadership board. Mary was a strong advocate for getting the Indoor Clean Air act passed in New Jersey. Losing her husband and other family members to lung disease, Mary is passionate about helping others improve their lung health. Mary received the American Lung Association’s award of recognition for service and contribution to improve lung health and prevent lung disease. Mary is the program director for LFAC Animal Welfare portfolio of programs.