Well talk about loyalty, devotion and love here is one dog that proved hers.  Please take a moment to watch this video of a story of one dog’s faithfulness to her family.  Please help to help give back to all our animal companions the love, loyalty, devotion they all deserve.  You might want to donate in memory of one great dog or cat you once knew.  URL Link for video is:


Well talk about loyalty, devotion and love here is one dog that proved hers.  Please take a moment to watch this video of a story of one dog’s faithfulness to her family.  Please help to help give back to all our animal companions the love, loyalty, devotion they all deserve.  You might want to donate in memory of one great dog or cat you once knew.  URL Link for video is:

Donor Request

Will keep everyone posted on any answer we may receive to Living for a Cause request for help from Nutro Products.


September 24, 2009

 RE: Donation Food Banks

 Nutro Products, Incorporated

Consumer Support

315 Cool Springs Blvd.

Franklin, TN 37067


Dear Sir/Madam,

 Living for a Cause is organization of social entrepreneurs dedicated to the belief that humankind, as good stewards, are responsible for creating positive change wherever and whenever possible.

 Living for a Cause works to effect positive change in the world.  We think and act strategically to bring about the maximum good by the smartest use of human and material resources.

 Through donor contributions and fund raising alliances with various for-profit ventures, Living for a Cause creates streams of revenue which are channeled to charitable groups in the form of food and medical supplies, laboratory materials, and other tangible items.  Living for a Cause is pledged to carefully manage all funds entrusted to it by social enterprises and the donor community.  It cultivates an efficient, transparent and accountable culture within its own administrative body, and seeks the same in the charities it benefits.  Therefore it supports only organizations that demonstrate an efficient model of social responsibility, one that limits fund raising and administrative costs to maximize the positive impact of their mission.

 As a part of our new campaign we are reaching out to Nutro Products, Inc. in an urgent appeal to ask that you partner with us to deliver much needed dog and cat food to local food banks.

 We have found that people who are in need of the services of local food banks oftentimes have to surrender their pets to shelters unable to sufficiently feed them. If dog and cat food was there in addition to the other goods needed by families, it is our hope less family pets will go hungry or need to be surrendered to area shelters.  I would like to start this campaign with the southern and central New Jersey food banks as a trial run.

 Living for a Cause has chosen to bring our request to Nutro Products, Inc. because of their commitment to community, to animal welfare and according to Nutro’s web site We understand that your pets aren’t just companions-they’re important members of your family.”

 So together, with one voice, one commitment to create hope and change, as far as it is possible by us let’s keep families well fed and together.  And that includes the family’s pet.

 I trust Nutro Products, Inc. will want to lead the way in taking swift action to prevent unnecessary hunger by our most loyal of companions, our family dogs and cats.

Medical Research

Living For A Cause is dedicated to funding research to find faster cures for all Lung Diseases. Having lost my husband Frank and my sister-in-law Paulette both to lung cancer, I know all too well the devastating effects Lung Disease can have.  Life changes forever. This is why our mission of funding research is so urgent. We have found that funding responsible research teams, who share information, are willing to be accountable and transparent are the key to finding Faster Cures.  We have chosen Yale Medical Center in Ct. to receive any donations we receive from our Lung Cancer Research Fund. Dr. Jeff Chupp is doing amazing research in the areas of Asthma, COPD, CF, and other lung diseases. Lets stand up against Lung Disease so we can All Breathe a Little Easier and Healthier.[youtube=]



Lance waiting to board for new home in OhioLiving for a Cause has learned about a valuable organization that rescue groups and shelters should know about if they don’t all ready.  It is called  It is a group of private pilots who donate their time and plane to rescue animals and transport them all over when ground transport will not work.  Please go to their site to read the heartwarming stories of pets being saved and given a new “Leash” on Life.

Animal Welfare

[youtube=]Mary From Living For A Cause volunteered to help Best Friends Animal Sanctuary get the word out about animal welfare and animal rights in Philadelphia this past weekend of 9/12/09.  Best Friends has done a remarkable job at rehabilitating the Michael Vick’s dogs.  The video shows how the dogs are doing and how they are now living a much happier and humane life than they were subjected to before.  Living For A Cause applauds the work of Best Friends.

Board of Directors

Q:  How did Living for a Cause get started, and why?

A:  Our Vision:  We are a small group of citizens and social entrepreneurs who have all worked for different worthwhile philanthropic causes.  Working in the world of cause-related marketing, we decided to break the binds of traditional giving and design a model where people have a choice where they want their time and dollars to go.  

 It was also important for us to ensure that this model provided a level of transparency so donors would know exactly where the money or donation went.  With an online platform, and no overhead costs, a minimal amount goes toward administrative costs, directing most of the funds to the selected cause.

Q:  Who are the co founders and how did you meet?

A:  Again, we all have pasts rooted in philanthropic organizations, but we all actually met at a very well-known National organization I was a board member, two of my partners worked in marketing, development and communications, and my other partner is a colleague from the art world. Mary Stabile, Marisa Bolognese, Laura Quinn and Colm Rowan  are the Trustees of the Board.

Together, we founded Living for a Cause in 2009, just this year, as a way of providing a better giving venue to the world.  No walls, no borders……. Just direct giving that is accessible, reliable, and responsible!

Q:  Why is tangible giving so important in today’s economy?

A: In any economy, people want to give back.  When you create an opportunity for giving or the venue, they will come!   We have carefully researched charitable organizations and the need for “accountability exploration” when it comes to credible charities.  Such criteria as: (List here)

We decided we would create peace of mind for the donor.   The donor not only knows that their gift will be used optimally, they also “experience” the tangible nature of giving because they do the “choosing”, and they can see the results.  We fund results.  Monetary giving is only one way of giving… people can contribute time and items such as a respiratory machine to a hospital for example. Medical supplies, food for animals.  We identify an immediate need and seek to full it, but not by giving money, by buying what may be of need.

Q:   Being transparent and passionate about your mission, do you find people pay attention?

A:  A wholehearted YES!  We just launched this organization this year, and I cannot tell you the amount of positive feedback that we’re receiving…  Mostly, people find that it is so refreshing to have the opportunity to give so directly and in such a tangible way that they FEEL the giving through experience.  Living for a cause provides the pathway to giving  We all want to give from the heart, and know what we have given, is truly being used for those purposes.  Living for a cause, I guess, in a way, provides each heart with the opportunity to do just that.  It was once said that “the highest kind of giving, comes from the bottom of the heart.”

How do you fund some of your causes?

By the generosity of the people who believe in our mission, who are willing to reach into their hearts and give that dollar or two.


Medical Research

Living for a Cause is currently supporting the research at Yale University New Haven Ct in the area of Lung Diseases. Living for a Cause aligns with researchers willing to share information, are accountable to the donors who trust them and who have low administrative costs. We support research that creates a positive impact with faster cures.

Fund Raising

Fundraising for a non profit can at times be a challenge especially in these economic times.  I have found though when people who believe in a cause join together change happens.  Money is not always what is needed.  Fresh new ideas, creativity and old fashion volunteers.  People willing to roll up their sleeves, stand up for what they believe in and  who do not take no for an answer are still the backbone of any organization.  We live in a time of promise where faster cures are possible.  Living for a Cause is determined to challenge lung diseases and win.  Please comment with any ideas for creating an unique fundraising event.


Supporting Companies that are environmentally friendly is one important step in helping our planet.  Living for a Cause recently learned that Marcal Paper Mills, located in New Jersey has introduced a new “small steps” line of paper products made from 100 percent recycled paper not from trees.  If every household in the US replaced one roll of traditional paper towels with a roll of Marcal brand small steps, nearly one million trees would be saved.   Now that IS Making a World of Difference  one “Small Step at a Time”

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