Living for a Cause good stewards of the donor dollar

As you are making your list and checking it twice, you might want to consider whether you want to make any year-end gifts to your favorite charities.  If you do, you will be in good company.  According to the National Philanthropic Trust, 95.4% of households gave to charity in 2013, for a total of over $241 billion in charitable gifts.  (more…)

Charitable gift giving and the IRS


The Importance of Art in a Child’s Development

by MaryAnn F. Kohl

Have you ever seen a child smooth cool finger paint over a sheet of paper with both hands, pulling her fingertips through the paint to make squiggles? Or observed a child coloring in bountiful spirals with crayons?

If yes, then you have seen the concentration on these children’s faces, and the joyful expressions of art explored.
You have witnessed creative art in process! (more…)

Ways to help children learn about gardening

Maudie Kelly, MS
Human Development Specialist


I grew up in a home where we had a very large garden that provided lots of fresh vegetables and fruits into the fall. My mother canned and froze many containers of those same fruits and vegetables that we could eat all winter long. (more…)

Kids and Gardening perfect together

.blog13 photo by Antonio Rosario

Along with the fun of getting dirty, gardening helps children learn valuable lessons about patience as they wait for vegetables to grow, responsibility as they see how necessary their care is to the garden, and even loss when flowers die at the end of a season. (more…)

LFAC welcomes New Jersey AniMeals

Living For A Cause (LFAC), an organization dedicated to providing resources and tangible giving to assist organizations like AniMeals, recently presented a check for $5,000 as part of their commitment to support the group, and help to further promote their growth and success. (more…)

Love at first Belly Rub



Victims of animal cruelty are often the hardest animals to place into a home. (more…)

I’m not sure but I think its steak the neighbor is cooking.


What Are Hot Spots on Pets?

Hot spots (flea allergy dermatitis) is a skin disease (dermatitis) caused by your pet’s allergic reaction to fleas. Derm means skin, and “itis” means inflammation, so your pet will have itchy, inflamed skin. (more…)

What Causes Pets to Develop Ear Infections?

Ears, like all parts of the body, normally have a few bacteria and yeast cells present. Otitis occurs when bacteria or yeast organisms increase to an overwhelming number (more…)

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