What a Happy Ending

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This is one of the masks that LFAC purchased with the Firehouse Subs grant and look how it helped to save this dog’s life.
Burlington County IAFF 3091 – Willingboro

On the evening of July 21st B Platoon was called to the Garfield Park section of town to remove a dog that was stuck in the home’s duct work under the kitchen floor. Engine 1613 and Ladder 1615’s crews, along with assistance from a Roto Rooter technician, spent over 3 hours attempting different ways to remove the dog, or get the dog to come out.

The firefighters eventually cut a portion of the floor out with a saw. Once the floor was cut they dug by hand to the vent work and cut it open where the dog was lodged in the duct.

After removing the dog from the duct, the crew then used a special oxygen mask for animals that was recently provided by the New Jersey Firefighters PFANJ to help the dog breathe better.

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