Seas are rising, walls are crumbling, skies are darkening – the physical and moral foundations of civilization are being tested in unprecedented ways- and the hand of man is everywhere. But, there is hope – we can resist, we can persuade, we can change and rebuild – it is our choice.  - Don Bolognese, Artist


Conditions of Use for Environment Advocacy Groups and Nonprofits

The use and copying of this Poster in its digital format or as a physical print to promote the cause of “saving our Earth” as championed by its many diverse and passionate advocates, is permitted without cost or fee of any sort, providing the Poster is used or copied in its entirety, and credits and copyright notice are retained unchanged. If a party wishes to charge a fee (for example, as part of a fund raiser) for a print of the Poster, the “free use/copy” policy will still apply, but please inform the artist in advance. The artist wishes to monitor the reproduction quality of the Poster. Please address all inquiries to the artist at: