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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 2010 Contact: Laura Quinn; 973-768-5078

HELPING IN HAITI A local youth pays it forward simply by giving it all back As most of us are well aware, the Caribbean island nation of Haiti has been rocked by a devastating 7.0 earthquake that brought about massive loss of life, and destroyed virtually the entire infrastructure in the capital Port-Au-Prince. There has been a huge relief effort in response to this that always seems to stop us in the midst our busy lives to recognize that others are in need—and sometimes it’s the simplest act of giving that reminds us that we all have room to give. Recently, a ten-year-old local from Berwyn, Pennsylvania decided to pay it forward with the ultimate payout—her entire allowance. Julia Sozanski, daughter of Elizabeth and John Sozanski, thought to donate her entire savings of $88 to help the people of Haiti who have lost everything. “I kept seeing the images of kids my own age on TV that had nothing left, and I just wanted to help them as much as I could,” states Julia. During the week of January 29th through February 9th, the Jerry Garcia Art Show was held at the Frame Station Gallery in Berwyn, Pennsylvania Image Makers Art who hosted the show also  designated 20% of sales proceeds to, a unique organization that gives 100% of your donations to your charity of choice. In this case, Julia’s entire donation went to benefit earthquake victims in Haiti. Both her parents always took the time to teach their children about the value of giving, but in this case, it was Julia’s choice to donate her entire allowance. supports a broad range of charities by acting as a venue for the stream of donated revenue, carefully managing all funds entrusted to it, and seeking efficient accountable charities who have demonstrated the highest standards of donor fulfillment. This entire process is seamless and transparent giving the donor the quality assurance that 100% of the donation has been delivered to its’ intended purpose. The organization maximizes the impact of their work by working with this tangible giving model. Julia Sozanski knows she made a choice she can be proud of. You can visit and find out more about how you can give to the charity of your choice including the latest H3-Helping Haiti with Homes project where 100% of your donation will go toward supplying tents that shelter entire families.